Skin Aging

skin aging

  • Presentations of Skin Aging

– Fine Wrinkles (shallow)

– Wrinkles (deep)

– Thinning of the Skin (atrophy)

– Sagging (collagen reduction, loss of elasticity, fat reduction)

– Increased Vascularity (telangiectasia, flushing)

– Increased Pigmentation (lentigens, seborrheic keratosis, dyschromia)

– Increased Benign Skin Lesions (skin tags, tumors, warts)

– Higher Risk of Precancerous & Malignant Skin Lesions


Causes & Mechanism of Skin Aging



  • Treatment Options for Skin Aging

– Cosmetics

– Medical Skin Care/Mechanical Peeling/Chemical Peeling/Bio Peeling/Soft Laser Peeling

– IPL/Radiofrequency/Ultrasound Therapy

– Microneedling Radiofrequency Therapy

– Laser Genesis (Photorejuvenation)

– Fractional Laser Resurfacing

– Botox & Fillers (by referral)

– Cosmetic Surgery (by referral)

  • Important facts related to Anti-Aging treatments

– Taking off a few years from your appearance is a challenging task for even the most experienced dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

– The actual cause related to looking older is the target you would want to conquer. However, a realistic approach is essential in achieving satisfaction after the procedure.

– Any treatment done without being properly pre-informed of ‘what is to be expected’ will frequently end up in an unpleasant experience. These facts are more true for these anti-aging treatments more than any other.

– No treatment is more effective than preventing the cause (mostly UV sun exposure) before it happens!