DC SKIN & Laser Centre offers a professional solution to everyone with minor or even major cosmetic skin problems.

Our clinic is run by a Korean Medical Board Certified Skin Specialist , Clinic Director / Lucas Chey , who has treated over 50,000 patients in Korea(15 years) & Singapore(2 years) combined. Besides being active in practice, Clinic Director / Lucas Chey has actively given lectures and training for doctors, aestheticians and other skin care professionals in Korea and internationally. The knowledge, he possesses surrounding lasers, has made him a key doctor for numerous laser companies over the years. He is the current international trainer for one of the companies distributing lasers in Canada.

Major areas of expertise are in the field of cosmetic medicine and, with numerous cases and years of experience, our doctor has finally opened his practice in the heart of Richmond, BC to provide high-quality cosmetic services for clients yearning for professional treatment that they deserve. The clinic also serves a function as a training centre for doctors and skin care professionals who are expecting to upgrade their skills with laser and cosmetic treatments.

The strongest point of our clinic would be the Customized Consultations for each client with specific requests and conditions based on vast experience as a cosmetic dermatologist. Each client will present a different case, so treatment types, durations, and results will have variance. In our clinic, we can give you a better idea of what to expect before any treatment session or program.

South Korea is currently known as the most advanced country providing the most up-to-date cosmetic treatments in Asia and, especially for Oriental skin types (Chinese, Koreans, Japanese), the best results are guaranteed if treated by our Clinic Director / Lucas Chey .

Cosmetic procedures can always result in undesirable outcomes whether it is foreseen or not. However, it is very important to start treatments with someone who has the ability to make things right, if anything goes wrong. Understanding the skin properly and knowing what to expect takes both knowledge and experience, which is why dermatologists have different perspectives on skin problems compared to less educated or less experienced skin professionals in the trade.

Don’t be a victim of an unpleasant sales experience and visit us to find out what you exactly need for proper treatments!

Hope to see you soon.


Clinic Director / Lucas Chey 

• Graduated Seoul National University Medical College
• Master’s Degree, PhD (Medicine – Physiology)
• Licensed Medical Doctor (South Korea) 1996 to Current
• Licensed Dermatologist (South Korea) 2004 to Current
• Conditional Registered Medical Doctor (Singapore) 2012~2014
• Member : AAAM (American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine)
KDA (Korean Dermatological Association)
AKD (The Association of Korean Dermatologists)
KSLMS (Korean Society of Laser Medicine & Surgery)